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Appointed as General Sales Agent in Brunei Darussalam

SOUTH Korea’s flag ship carrier Korean Air appointed Grace Travel Agency as its General Service Agent (GSA) in Brunei Darussalam, managing its sales, marketing, and reservation activities in Brunei. With this Grace Travel is committed to its strong visions to build on its experience through alliances with like-minded global and looks forward of maintaining partnership “as a step in building bridges between Brunei Darussalam and Korea.
The Korean Air Story
Vision: To be a respected leader in the world airline community.

In 1969, Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. was in decline. An offer to privatise the airline by the Hanjin Group, specialists in transportation, was the start of a new chapter in growth and success. Although the challenge was never easy, Korean Air established itself as a respectable company and carrier by opening its transpacific route in 1971 and its first Seoul-Paris freight route in 1973.

Always looking ahead, the company laid the groundwork for the future when it ordered American Boeing Company's B747 Jumbo in 1972, plus 6 additional Airbus A300 models in its early years.

Korean Air introduced its 100th aircraft in 1995 and displayed consistent growth until the mid 1990s. It was then that new challenges arose, including oversaturation of the aviation industry and increasingly intense competition. Under such circumstances, President Yang Ho Cho, son of founder Choong Hoon Cho, became the Chairman and CEO, bringing his innovative mindset and excellent business sense to the company.

The company celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2004 with a celebration and rededication to service by adopting the slogan, "Excellence in Flight." The following year, a new, fresh and future-oriented CI (Corporate Identity) was created as a measure to achieve such vision and mission.

Today, Korean Air is an innovative leader in the global aviation industry known for its dedicated service that surpasses client expectations. It is not only adored by domestic passengers, but also loved by customers all over the world, and it is soaring to higher levels.
Korean Air Facts
At the end of December 2018, Korean Air owned 166 aircraft and operated scheduled flights to 124 cities in 44 countries worldwide, including 13 cities in Korea.

As a leader in the global transport network, Korean Air is performing a pivotal role in further enhancing Korea’s progressive reputation around the world. We are expanding our global network by establishing new routes and are maintaining growth by increasing overseas sales.

Moving forward, our goal is always ‘Excellence in Flight’ and to be recognized as an industry leader by promoting sustainable growth through strengthened competitiveness and by being able to quickly and flexibly respond to market changes and customer needs. Watch Video